This Church Changed Sarah’s Life With One Little Detail

Many of the people coming through your doors may be stepping back into church for the first time in a while.

Maybe they decided to give church a chance this year.

Sarah’s story helps us see the impact an effective welcome can make on a guest’s entire experience.


Sarah’s Story…

As Sarah pulled up to the church, her nerves began to set in. She had been feeling lonely and disconnected lately and had decided to give this new church a try. But as she got out of her car and saw the bright, colorful sign that read “Welcome Home” she felt a sense of calm.

The sign was fun and friendly, and it made her feel like she belonged— even before she walked up to the doors.

As she entered the church, she was greeted with more signs, all with messages of love and encouragement. She felt like she had found a new family, and it was all thanks to the small touches like the popsigns.

Small Details Make A Big Impact

Throughout the service, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for the church’s attention to detail. The signs, the friendly faces, and the overall atmosphere all made her feel like she was truly welcome and at home.

After the service, Sarah decided to stay and talk to some of the members of the church. She was struck by how friendly and open they were, and how they all made her feel like she was already part of the community.

Sarah left the church that day feeling uplifted and grateful. She knew she would be back the next week and felt like she had found a new home.

The small but powerful impact of the welcome team and the fun popsigns they greeted her with had set the tone for her visit and given her the confidence to find the community she needed.

Sarah’s Story can be YOUR story.

See why over 5,000 churches love us and use popsigns every week.

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