3 Tips To Create A Welcome That WOW’s

When you blink and suddenly it’s just a few weeks until Easter you start to feel a little stressed…

I get it… the to-do lists are long…

The help is short…

You’ve already got enough to do anyway…



Want to know a secret that I picked up when I was the Creative Director for VOUS Church in Miami?

This simple concept helps our church to stand out and create an insanely magnetic appeal that attracts people back over and over.

Ready for it?

Here it is…


Front-load your wow-factor.

Take your first few interactions with your guests and pump them with positive emotional peaks.

This creates a chain reaction in the brain that makes people associate your church with an amazing experience.





So how do you create an incredible “opening act” welcome?

Here’s our top 3 ways you can turn your guests into family with a welcome that WOWS…



1. Go BIG on smiles

In your planning meeting, concentrate on ways you can up the smile factor as people roll in to church. Whether that’s happening online or in person, the best way to GET a smile is to show one!

Since masks are still high on the list of requirements for gatherings, you may want to add some visual cues for smiling reactions like bright colors, balloons, popsigns, and confetti!



2. Visual stimulation & interactivity

People LOVE visuals that draw them in and creates a freeze frame moment for them to enjoy. Simple installations like a living room set or photo backdrop can create positive emotions and get people to pause and take a photo — this is a GREAT indicator that people are enjoying themselves and forming a memory with YOUR brand.

Go even further and try one of our 5 Easter Campaign Ideas — guaranteed to get a rising reaction out of your audience and all that interact with you.




3. Create a FUN sense of community and culture

No matter where you are located or what your unique part of the country is like, there’s one thing that transcends our preferences when it comes to making a memorable experience… FUN.

Guests attending your church are subconsciously asking themselves if they can see themselves fitting in and becoming a deeper part of the community around them. They also subconsciously answer this question based on the input of the culture they see around them.

So keep it light and fun, and make the mundane moments memorable so that you can shape the perspective of your guests to see an attractive and inviting world around them everywhere they look.

The result is your guests’ inner voice screaming to them, “KEEP COMING BACK, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME.”



Use popsigns to add emotional peaks

Ready for your easy win?

Grab a pack of popsigns and give them to your welcome team greeting people as they pull up and walk up to church.

The bright colors and fun phrases are SURE to get the smiles flowing and creates an imprint on your guests’ memory.

Order before Monday, March 29th in order to get your order in time for Easter and you’ll be on your way to creating an incredible guest experience at your church.


What do you think?

Got a suggestion or question?

We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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