4 Secrets To Attract New Visitors Using Social Media

Looking to attract more visitors to your church or organization? Setting up the proper breadcrumb trail is a matter of presentation.

Social Media is all about setting a vibe that strikes interest and curiosity in your audience. When you do this successfully you create a strong attraction that builds desire and can lead to more people visiting your church.

Here’s how to get the most out of using popsigns to set a vibe on your social media page:

1. Beam Me Up — Smiles On 100!

A smile says everything. You can read someone’s satisfaction, displeasure, or inviting welcome in their face. A smile says, “We’re happy here and you can be too.”

Don’t underestimate the impact of happy people caught in the act of making other people happy. Add a popsign to the mix and you’ve got a super-charged people-magnet layered with messaging. Try these phrases on your popsigns: “You Belong Here” or “Welcome Home” to communicate that this is a place where everyone is welcome. 

2. Bring The Energy

People are naturally attracted to environments where people are confident in the energy they bring. Show this in your photos and you’ll see a spike in interest. How do you capture the action? High fives, jumping in mid-air, spins, and groups cheering all create a strong feeling of energy.

Don’t forget the popsigns!

In the frame they add a simple subliminal message to your audience: “All of this is for you.”

3. Turn Up The Volume On Your Culture

People scrolling through your feed are really looking to see what you’re all about. They are taste-testing to see if they can picture themselves experiencing what you have to offer. Show off your best features!

Have a great sense of community? Show it. Kids ministry poppin’? Highlight it. People love coffee? Get creative to make it obvious.

Popsigns help make subtle yet clear connections in pictures which takes a lot of the heavy lifting off of your photographer. 

4. Capitalize On Celebration

The easiest way to win someone over is with a compliment or encouragement. Popsigns helps you to do this effortlessly from the front lines. Try phrases like “You’re Looking Amazing Today!” Or “So Glad You’re Here” — not only do they get the message across to your guests, but the message translates to your social media followers as well.

Take advantage of holidays and show your fun side! It’s a great way to cast a wider net and connect with a broader audience. 

Now It’s Your Turn!

Your social media can be a SUPER power for attracting new visitors. All it takes is a bit of intentionality and some focus on what it is you’re presenting to your audience.

Every day, people like you dream of how they can create a warm environment for their visitors and guests. We’ve created a product that helps you to make a statement and express your brand in a fun, honest way. You‘ll see the results instantly on your guests’ faces.

In today’s world, having an attractive vibe is an essential currency.

Popsigns is a fun way to instantly create that attraction.

The reality is that most people will struggle on their own to find something that works.

We’d like to help you so you don’t struggle.

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