Keeping it Human

There’s one highly valuable asset that every leader or business owner has access to and yet surprisingly often surrenders.

I’m talking about the human element. In this 5 minute video, I explain what the cost can be for your church, organization, or business when you miss out on the opportunity to connect.

Pull the curtain back

It’s easy as a business owner to step back and hide behind your brand. You know, the thin veil of professionalism that slowly multiplies and eventually smothers out the raw human touch that made your thing so unique in the first place.

If we allow this to go on for too long, people start to disengage and before you know it they become disconnected altogether.

The reason for this, of course, is that we have lost sight of where our value really lies. People don’t engage with businesses, they engage with people. When we get that wrong, we start to lose momentum.

Transaction vs Relationship

When the human element is diminished, we begin to view people as items. We look for ways to extract value — in other words, we approach people as a transaction. A transaction means I give you something you want in exchange for something I want.

A transaction means I give you something you want in exchange for something I want. If you want to win people over, you’ll need to switch your perspective to a relationship-centric approach — See people as real humans with goals and aspirations and ask yourself how you fit into their story to help them achieve their dreams.

In doing this, you make yourself invaluable and attract even more people.

You make people smile

There’s a reason why #popsigns are designed to be held by people.

In all honesty, we know that the most special thing about our product is not shipped with your order. It’s always the person on the other side of the sign.

It’s the warmth of a smile, a high-five, or a hug that says “I care about you.”

When your teams are out intentionally creating an atmosphere of welcome, they are showing that you value people — and that is putting people first.

Check out how people like you are using #popsigns to add a human element to their welcome environments:

When we make the mental shift from transaction incentive (i.e. I give you something you want, you give me something I want) to relationship incentive (I’m going to guide you along this path to help you reach your goals) — People start to respond a bit differently.

You’ll see the results instantly on your guests’ faces.

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